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一介是以成都为基地的建筑设计与多学科创意机构。关注公共空间、社区更新、试验性空间设计及生活方式,寻找商业性与社会性的平衡来使城市更加丰富和有趣。 于2019年建成的巷子里社区友好空间空间获得日本优良设计大赏GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020奖、2021年台北设计奖公共空间类银奖、Award 360°2020年度最佳社会设计、Award 360°2020年度设计100、TINTA金邸奖2021年度设计人物、2021年成都市城乡社区发展治理十佳社区规划师、2020成都生活美学大赏年度十大空间、美国A+Awards For Good组决赛提名、美国A+Awards Community组决赛提名、英国Dezeen Awards 2020 longlist等奖项。 希望通过多维度的思考与方式去探索各种可能性。虽然设计是一件理性的事,但我们想用浪漫的方式去描述它,为人们的生活带来乐趣。

YIIIE is an architectural design and multidisciplinary creative firm based in Chengdu and Tokyo that envisions cities for public spaces, community renewal, experimental spatial design, and lifestyles, seeking to strike a balance between commercial viability and social impact to enrich and enliven cities. 

The Yulin Alley, built in 2019, has received several accolades including the Good Design Award 2020 from Japan, the Silver Award in the Public Space category at the 2021 Taipei Design Awards, Award 360°'s Best Social Design of 2020, Award 360°'s Design 100 of 2020, the TINTA Golden Mansion Award for Design Figure of 2021, recognition as one of the Top Ten Community Planners for Urban and Rural Community Development and Governance in Chengdu in 2021, one of the Top Ten Spaces at the 2020 Chengdu Lifestyle Aesthetic Awards, finalist nominations in the A+Awards For Good and Community categories, and longlist inclusion in the 2020 Dezeen Awards in the UK.

YIIIE aspires to explore various possibilities through multidimensional thinking and approaches. Although design is a rational endeavor, YIIIE aims to describe it in a romantic way and the direction of joy.

一介除建筑设计板块以外, 拥有综合类创意项目策划设计、 实体空间运营两大板块:

In addition to the architectural design sector, YIIIE has two major sectors: comprehensive creative project planning and design, and physical space operation:


策划、 设计、 执行3届CAP社区艺术项目


2019 第1届CAP “不在地图上”
2020 第2届CAP “ 自定义运动会”
2023 第3届CACP “玉林二巷改造”

Plan, design, and execute three

CAP community art projects

The 1st CAP of 2019 "Not on the Map"
The 2nd CAP 2020 "Custom Games"
The 3rd CACP 2023 "Yulin Second LaneRenovation"



策划、 设计、 运营巷子里社区友好空间

自运营巷子里咖啡展览空间 、 在街上艺术商店&书店 不定期举办与艺术、 设计相关的社区艺术快闪活动 。



Plan, design, and operate community friendly spaces in ` ALLEY ALLEY `

Operate the coffee exhibition space in the alley, hold community art flash events related to art and design at art shops and bookstores on the street from time to time.


策划、 设计、 运营社区美术馆一介Gallery


自运营咖啡+展览空间 ,50余场优秀青年艺术家 个展 , 9 期 征集 “ 不成熟” 作品的 “ 一介小展” ,300+组艺术作品 ,上万人次累计观展人数。

Plan, design, and operate a community art museum YIIIE Gallery

Self operated coffee+exhibition space, more than 50 solo exhibitions of outstanding young artists, 9 small exhibitions of "immature" works, 300+groups of art works, with a total of tens of thousands of visitors.



带领青年大学生参与社区项目 ,了解社区与居民并增加实践机会



Initiate 3 OPENDESK projects

Lead young college students to participate in community projects, understand the community and residents, and increase practical opportunities



用趣味的方式带领小学生了解建筑知识 ,动手设计自己的家园,并实施落地。

Initiate a small architect project

Guide elementary school students to understand architectural knowledge in a fun way, design their own homes by hand, and implement them on the ground.


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