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围合出一个天井, 形成一座花园聚集起居民,欢迎到访者

Surround a courtyard to form a garden and gather residents, welcoming visitors







JUDO ESPERSSO DOJO is a 26-square-meter community coffee shop located in the old urban area of Chengdu. The space itself is a regular square shop that can be seen everywhere. The shop owner named it "Judo" after director Du Qifeng mentioned in the movie " Throw Down " that "Judo teaches you to fall", and she hopes to have a comfortable and casual atmosphere here, where every guest can feel at home and finds their own personal ways in "Judo".

柔道咖啡是位于成都老城区的一家26平方的社区咖啡店。空间本身是一个随处可见的普通的方方正正的店铺。店主取名“柔道”,是源于导演杜琪峰在电影《柔道龙虎榜》中提到 “柔道要教你摔倒”。店主希望空间可以有舒适随意的氛围,每一位到店的客人都不用拘束,在“柔道”之中找到自己的个人之道。

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This reminds us of a construction site office, or a back alley. In the chaotic and intricate urban landscape, what is moving is the operating logic and life hidden behind the shiny "veneer".


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Therefore, our design directly exposes the base and structure. The space retains the original state of the wall after the ceramic tiles were removed, and glass magnesium fireproof boards are affixed to the height of use; through the polycarbonate hollow board on the top surface, you can see the newly replaced insulation film and rectangular tube keel, exposed colored wires and EVA semi transparent film cloth in the storage room; gangboards recycled from the construction site are used on the floor; the furniture is composed of aluminum profiles and multi-layer paint-free boards.We don’t make signboard at the front door, but directly display the rectangular tube keel. Those signboards made for the sake of making are better not to make.


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The door curtain is made by fashion designer Wang Yuanyuan. We make air holes on the translucent thin edges, sew them with polyester braided rope and angle steel, and then connect the door curtains through zippers. Users can flexibly open and close them according to seasonal weather and needs. At the same time, the translucent film can also enclose the indoor space and create a comfortable light atmosphere.


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"Judo teaches you to fall." We hope we can all find our own personal ways in this dojo.


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