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* Informal Urban Space Study and Renewal     Practice in YULIN,CHENGDU,CHINA




No.4 Yulin Alley



Community Art Project


The Community Art Project is an experimental art project focusing on community development. It is an adventure involving young artists, designers, local residents and various social forces, which aims to rediscover the charm of the block and local culture that are not on the map.


On the one hand, we take art as the entry point to stimulate the vitality of the community. On the other hand, we use the bike shed as the testing ground to attract the attention and participation of more young people. 







Ain’t on the map


The theme of the Community Art Project is "Ain't on the map". When we start to know an unfamiliar place, the information such as geography, streets and buildings are always marked on the map. However, the immaterial information such as human activities, folk culture and daily life are not marked, which represents our colorful life. We hope the project can inspire more people to rethink the everyday things we take for granted in an artistic way, and discover the infinite possibilities that are not on the map.


2019年的「社区艺术计划」以“不在地图上 Ain’t on the map”为主题,在玉林东路社区开启了六大板块的探险。






The CAP Association


The Community Art Project is initiated by Yiiie Co.,Ltd,  who co-founded the CAP Association with four partners:Community Party Committee and Neighborhood Committee: Responsible for overall coordination and department liaison.Nhoow Architects: In charge of professional design, community planning and project operation.Mulin Family Community Company: Conducted neighborhood coordination, crowdfunding and community industry connection; Courtyard Autonomy Group: Organized residents' participation, consultation and relationship adjustment.





2019_7_25 车棚最初的样子.jpg

) Before


) After

Community Bike Shed


As a community space of old Chengdu, the bike shed was once full of memories: grandparents sat here chatting, parents commuted from here every working day, and children loved playing around here. As time goes on, it gradually declined, along with those memories.

After the consultation with community and residents, it was renovated as the main venue of the project, which can not only served as an exhibition space for “Yiiie's Exhibition" focusing on young artists, but also a working place for "Collaborative Experiment", an activity place for "Autumn Workshop" and "Aesthetic course", and an
experimental space for playful events.

By activating the bike shed, we hope to create a memory that integrates the old and young generation, and help the community center embrace marketization.








2019_9_1 一位附近居住的父亲带着两个儿子在车棚观展 .jpg




From August to November 2019, six parts of fun and experimental events were held in the Yulin East Road Community, including Yiiie’s Exhibition, Collaborative Experiment, Autumn Workshop, Aesthetic Course, Bonus Scene, and Punk Project. We hope the project can inspire more people to rethink the everyday things we take for granted, and discover the infinite possibilities that are not on the map.



Adhering to the idea of “ART FOR EVERYONE”, Yiiie Gallery has planed and held 6 rounds of Yiiie’s Exhibition since 2016.

Under the theme of “Ain’t on the map”, nearly 100 submissions were received, and finally 10 groups of excellent works, including paintings, images and installations, were presented in the bicycle shed.

自2016年开始,一介延续着「ART FOR EVERYONE」的理念,已经在一介的社区空间里持续策划并举办了6期面向公众征集,以遵从本心「原始的」、「不成熟」的作品为主轴展出的「一介小展」。本次「一介小展」以「不在地图上」为主题,对外公开招募不同形式的艺术作品,展出场景突破了“空间”的局限,搬到了玉东社区废弃的公共车棚内。总共收到近100份投稿作品,最终在车棚呈现了10组包括绘画、影像、装置在内的优秀作品。


Cooperated with TANZI CREATIVE MEDIA, we invited 10 brands or artists to teach 10 workshops, which were based on the regional elements of Yulin East Road Community.


棚客计划_画板 1 副本.jpg

As the main venue of the project, the community bike shed undertook the important function as the community testing ground. On October 6, 2019, the Punk Project was held in it, which included Artist Talk and Bicycle Shed Party.

作为本次「社区艺术计划」的主场馆, 社区车棚承担着作为社区试验场的重要功能,以它为核心场地的「棚客计划」也应运而生。2019年10月6日,第一期「棚客计划」正式开启,包含艺术家对谈讲座与车棚蹦迪两大部分内容。

协作实验jpg_画板 1.jpg

As the most important part of CAP, the Collaborative Experiment was an attempt to break the conventional pattern and went deep into the Community. 6 groups of outstanding young artists from New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou were invited to work with the local residents in an equal partnership. With their joint efforts, art works were presented in the public of Yulin East Road Community, which stimulated the vitality of the community.


Here, we would like to give special thanks to Chengdu Wuhou Community Development Foundation for their support.



美学课程_画板 1 副本.jpg

Art was a special art design course planed by Yiiie Gallery and PS-ONE, including music, prints, design, clothing, transformation and tie-dye.



彩蛋_画板 1 副本.jpg

We invited 3 creative agencies, PS-ONE, ummroom and A4 ARIE, to create 3 groups of art installations, which popped out occasionally during the project and aimed to bring some surprise for everyone!


一介邀请PS-ONE品思国际艺术教育、ummroom、A4 ARIE,分别创作了3组趣味性与互动性兼具的小彩蛋,在「社区艺术计划」持续期间不定时蹦出,希望可以为大家带来一些小小的惊喜!





Community Art Project :An exhibition held at the old bicycle shed in the Yulin Community​

一介社区艺术计划|在玉林的废旧单车棚开一场展览 -(网易)


How magic it is to have an “art dream” in the old bike shed!



Let’s go to the bicycle shed for an art exhibit!

快来车棚里看艺术展 (川报观察)


 “Art dream” grows out of the old bike shed in the Yulin Community, and the art courses are well received by the local residents

成都武侯废旧车棚里长出“艺术梦”,社区艺术课程上线居民大赞 -(人民网)


The “Ain't on the map" Community Art Project held in the Yulin Community

“不在地图上“社区艺术计划走进玉林 (武侯玉林)


We left our memories of this autumn in the bike shed

秋日计划 | 最后,我们把秋天留在车棚

We spend a great time playing in the Yulin East Road Community

秋日计划 | 在玉林东路的下午,等植物染色,等黏土凝固

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